"Dr. Henry Foster's Spirit Lives On"

By Jim Conners, Village Historian



We know that Dr. Foster's spirit lives on in the

 Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic,

and now his spirit can live on in each of our lives.

It is truly amazing how things come together,

 for some they may be called coincidences but for many

 they are called God-incidences, and here is one of them.

          The story starts with Dr. Les Moore, who is the Medical Director of "The Springs", which is the new section at our hospital specializing in Integrative Medicine. This type of practice has often been referred to as Alternative Medicine, however in reality it is designed to work in conjunction with regular medical practices, to promote healing and wholeness. This is straight from the opinions and workings of Dr. Foster, the founder of the Clifton Springs Water Cure in 1850 that is today's modern hospital. Dr. Foster did not rely solely on medicines and medical practices, he believed in caring for the mind, spirit and body, integrating many therapies in order to make the person whole and well again.

           Dr. Moore found a book in a bookstore called Christian Classics "Life's Secrets" "Daily Encouragement For The Soul" by Henry Foster, *Paraclete Press (ISBN: 1557251495) which was edited and published in 1995 by a Hal Helms. This is a book of daily readings for each day of the year taken from Dr. Foster's own words and thoughts. It is amazing that no one here was even aware of this book. Dr. Moore felt that the book should be made available to everyone for daily encouragement.

           My first thought was that this 239-page book would only be modern day interpretations of Dr. Foster's words and thoughts. The Forward in the book indicated Hal Helms had come across an old book in a seminary library and came to the following conclusion; "although the author is unknown today, having passed away almost a century ago, he being dead yet speaketh. Dr. Foster speaks with a freshness that. is as enlivening and instructive today as when he first spoke:" Mr. Helm indicated the book he found was published in 1902 by Theadora Crosby Bliss. Theadora compiled the material from Dr. Fosters Chapel talks and sermons, which he gave frequently each week. I was aware of a small book entitled "Chapel Talks" but I was not aware of a book published in 1902. After some research I couldn't believe that I was able to track down a copy of this book in a Seminary Library syrup) in Andover, Massachusetts. And through the interlibrary system they indicated that they could loan it to me.

           To my surprise, with only some minor grammar and punctuation changes, the words in the 1995 book are the same as in the 1902 book entitled "Life Secrets" Spiritual Insights of .a Christian Physician, by Henry Foster. I have started my daily readings and it is truly amazing how Dr. Foster's words are as relevant today as they were over 100 years ago. You really feel he is talking to you.

           To others who are also walking with God in daily service, these words may be as footprints of one who has traveled the same road, and has gone a little farther on, to the Father's House" words written by Theadora Crosby Bliss in 1902

           A special thank you to Dr. Les Moore. Through his efforts we are now able to make this book available to you. The book is available at the Clifton Springs Museum in the Foster Cottage and in "The Springs" in the Hospital.


* Paraclete Press is an ecumenical publisher of books on Christian spirituality for people of all denominations and backgrounds. We also publish critically acclaimed sacred music recordings, award-winning educational videos, and quality choral sheet music.


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