Mission Statement 

The Clifton Springs Historical Society was formed to inspire community memory on both personal and scholarly levels by preserving and sharing the story of Clifton Spring's Village , its people and the early Water Cure, which caused it to grow and expand.

Our Mission is to collect and display items of our history in order to promote a better understanding of our area for present and future generations.

We plan on fulfilling this mission by maintaining a strong historical society so that with a central museum and active website this history may be available on a regular basis to the general public. By gathering and preserving significant artifacts, documents and photographs we may thereby provide a reservoir of information to help illustrate that history.

Our Commitment

Our Historical Society is committed to:

Conducting ourselves in the highest level of professional and ethical standards. We will strive for excellence in service and, to the best of our abilities, help, aid and assist people in their research of that rich history. By these efforts we hope to show our dedication to our democratic way of life and its expression in this community, the state and nation. Thus may we help promote a better appreciation of our American heritage.

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