The Clifton Springs Historical Society

In order to save and preserve the history of Clifton Springs for future generations "The Clifton Springs Historical Society" was formed in 1991. Although we are living in today's world and always planning for the future, we should never forget where our roots are and what our past has given us so that we can enjoy what we have today. The mission statement states; "The Clifton Springs Historical Society was formed to inspire community memory on both personal and scholarly levels by preserving and sharing the story of Clifton Spring's Village, its people and the early Water Cure, which caused it to grow and expand. Our Mission is to collect and display items of our history in order to promote a better understanding of our area for present and future generations."

The Historical Society is very privileged to oversee the Foster Cottage Museum that is located on Main Street in the Foster Cottage. Dr. Henry Foster who was the founder of the Clifton Springs Water Cure, which has become our modern hospital, built the cottage. The Foster Cottage dates back to 1854 and was recently renovated in order to house the museum, which was opened in July of 2000. The Foster Cottage along with the other buildings on Main Street give a realistic view of what the village looked like at the turn of the 19th century. The museum has several displays showing the many aspects of Dr. Foster's life, the local nursing school (1894-1934) and items of past local businesses. There is also a room dedicated to local individuals who served our country in several branches of our Armed Forces. A pictorial time line shows the changes of the village from 1850 to 2000 when the Clifton Springs Hospital celebrated it's 150th anniversary. The Museum is open to the public Thursday thru Saturday from 10:00am to 3:OOpm.

The Clifton Springs Historical Society was organized on June the 11th, 1991. Our first official meeting was held in the new C. S. Library on June the 18th with some 22 persons in attendance?

Since that time, the organization has continued to grow.

During the first three years of the Society, great progress was made with the assistance of a hired consultant with experience in archival work. She gave us direction as to how to better handle our holdings and keep them current. We have purchased a new computer making it possible for us to list the items currently on hand and issue other numerous papers relating to historical preservation.

We began operations with an annual year dating from July l until the following June 30th. In 1994, this was changed to a calendar year to better connect with full year reports that are needed by state and federal reports.

We hope that. everyone who has an interest in the life and history of Clifton Springs will see fit to join with us to help preserve our rich heritage. Our meetings are held in the months of February, April, June , September and November.. I am SURE you will find much in our programs to interest you! We issue a newsletter prior to each meeting providing sonic additional information to our members on local events of area and historic interest.


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